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Yelp Resets Their Review Algorithm and its Wreaking Havoc.  Could this be the beginning the the end of Yelps review reign?

As of mid to late 2018, Yelp with the worst business decision ever in the history of corporate decisions by their idiot CEO Jeremy Stoppleman, has reset their review algorithm and are putting as much as 30 percent of your previously recommended reviews in the "Not Recommended" pile that clients don't see.  We view this as not only a poor decision, I mean imagine your one of Yelp's die hard review writers, and for your time and effort, Yelp is going to hide 30 percent of the reviews that you took your precious time to write.  Sorry Jeremy Stoppleman, Your dumb.  

Imagine your a paid advertiser, going that extra mile for Yelp customers to get those reviews, and Jeremy Stoppleman decides he's going to hide 30 percent of your reviews that you worked so hard to obtain.  With roughly 68,000 paid advertisers, its a bad business decision , biting the hand that literally feeds you.  Your undermining the businesses that pay you in a very hostile manner.  Removing recommended reviews that were there for months, even years.  Putting some businesses recommended review and not recommended reviews at parity, giving a yelper a bad impression.  It looks fishy.  While we are taking a neutral approach to this, and not recommending ditching your current Yelp ad spend, we would say for new businesses considering advertising on yelp to look elsewhere.  We know lots of businesses that are pulling back or cancelling their Yelp ad spend and switching to Google. 

So Jeremy, you are disconnected from the reality of the people that use your platform. And your Dumb. 

Answer the following questions:

1.  Is it a good idea to disrespect the efforts of millions of legit review writers and "Not Recommend" their reviews?

2.  Is it a good idea to hide reviews of businesses, whether they pay advertising or not, and retroactively, without notice, put 30 percent of their reviews in the "Not Recommended' pile?


There is still some good in Yelp

Customers are using Yelp more and more to find the best businesses in any industry.

Yelp boasts more than 130 million users and 135 million reviews. This number is consistently increasing making Yelp the “go to” source for many of your potential customers.

The first step is to claim your business’s Yelp page, if you haven’t already – you may find that your business has a Yelp page that you didn’t even know about.

Once you have claimed your page, complete the profile (including adding photos). A complete profile results in more customers clicking through to your web site because they simply get a better feeling about a business that has a proper presence on Yelp.

Then it is all about getting reviews. Not just any reviews, though. You want good reviews.

That’s where our Review Management Module comes in. It will ask your customers to leave reviews that are only view-able internally and then, only if the review is 4 or 5 stars, it will ask them to leave a review on Yelp.

Our current Yelp review rate is about 25% of customers who are sent review requests.

There is a common misconception that businesses who pay Yelp for advertising can hide negative reviews or have them removed. This is not true. However paid advertising from Yelp is certainly not a bad idea once your business has sufficient good reviews.

Another positive is that Google indexes Yelp reviews in its search database so when someone searches for a type of business the Yelp page with the top businesses listed in a particular area often appear near the top of the search results. This means that your web site does not always have to appear near the top of search results if your business performs well on Yelp.

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