Sub 2-Second Web Site, Business Automation Tools, Review Management

What We Offer

What We Offer

Simple. We offer an end-to-end platform that will help drive more business to you, help you run your business more efficiently and increase repeat customers while utilizing your existing customers to market to new customers.

We start with web site based on a template that we built, from the ground up, to both be very effective from a design standpoint and to load very fast. This template is perfectly capable of sub 1 second load times for simple pages.

The template is fully responsive and will display on all devices as if it was designed for that size screen.

We will create original or reformat/update up to 15 pages of content as well as SEO for every page on the site.

We use only fully licensed photos. This is an important consideration as we have encountered businesses who have run into legal issues because their sites were designed using photos just pulled from others’ sites. This is not always as simple as removing the photos. In some cases the person who owned the copyright to the photos demanded compensation based on the enrichment of the business owner during the entire time the photos were used. This has added up to tens of thousands of dollars and could easily reach higher dollar figures. Therefore we use either photos that you provide, photos to which we already own license or photos for which we purchase license.

Note: Some specialty photos can have more expensive licenses and would not be included without additional cost. We will discuss this with you up front.

Your site will include full tracking of the source of all customers. This can be as simple as Google or Yelp or Bing, etc. or be a more specific source like a Google Pay-per-click ad or ad on another site.

A form will be included on your site to capture appointment (or similar) requests or purchases which will be stored in your database. This makes it easy for your customers to request an appointment or service 24/7.

You will have access to an administration area where you will be able to view all submissions from the web site (you will receive email notification of each submission) as well as manually add customers and appointments for offline service, purchases, etc.

Full Google integration is an integral part of the system including one-click addition of a customer to Gmail/Google Contacts and appointment/event addition to Google Calendar.

You will also have access to Review Management where you can see the email queue as well as manually add to it or edit existing entries, add or edit the emails that are sent to customers, see the reviews left by customers and create and run campaigns to reward people for leaving reviews.

COMING SOON: A service employee interface that allows you to assign particular service appointments to individuals. Their interface will only show them their appointments/jobs for that day. Each item will show the name, address and phone number of the customer as well as a Google Map view of the area pinpointing the location (with a link to Google Maps) and a snapshot of the Street View of the location. Status buttons (Arrived and Completed) allow you to track the exact time of your employees’ actions. The interface allows the worker to swipe through the list.

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