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What is Search Engine Optimization - SEO

 SEO or search engineoptimization Is the science of optimizing web content to appear in first pagetop results on a given web keyword search.  Atdigital transformation systems in Dallas Texas we of course don't know Google'salgorithm, neither does anyone else,  but we can see how the algorithm reacts to small changes we make. This gives us a pretty good idea how well we can rank a particular page with aparticular search term.

Google and SEO

When we're talking about search engine optimization youcannot remove SEO from Google. We all know Googlebot runs around and indexes web content, but not google is adding into its search algorithm, website PageSpeed.  Slow sites cannot hide.  No amount of SEO trickery is going to make your site load faster.  If your under 2 seconds, Google doesn't like you.  Or shall we say Google's non emotional algorithm doesn't like you.  SEO is the key to the Googleverse and most businesses rely on search results fromGoogle to get leads.  Anything related to rankingon Google would be considered as SEO.  

Acouple of years ago there was a paradigm shift in search. There were moresearches performed from mobile devices then there were from desktops. Google's primedirective is delivering the most relevant search results to its client and itsclient is defined as anyone who types in the Google search box. Googlewas presented a problem.  There were so many heavy coded desktop sites and thesesites were performing very very poor on these same mobile devices that wereovertaking Internet search. 

Google responded with new guidelines on mobilesearch in fact they even went so far as to a couple of years ago pointing outwebsites that were "mobile friendly". These mobile friendly sites, and notall of them were responsive by design , were given priority placement on theInternet search results. Since that time, mobile device search completely dominates Internet search andGoogle Keeps tweaking its algorithm to reward websites who are fast and haveproper touch points on their mobile web pages.  

When we're talking about SEO or rather when digital transformation systemsis talking about SEO, you cannot separate website page speed from the overallSEO equation because Google has made it crystal clear that if your website isloading In 7 seconds you are not going to appear anywhere on a page one resultsbecause mobile consumers as well as Google are not going to wait for slowsites. 53 percent of potential customers bounce at 3 seconds, 74 percent at 5 seconds. 

Speed is the Dominant SEO Factor

As we have pointedout you cannot properly SEO any website that has a fully loaded page time in 2seconds or more. It's just not possible because Google has set the benchmark ofwebsite loading on mobile devices at 2 seconds or less. Meeting this under 2 secondHigh Speed website benchmark is not an easy metric to achieve, if it were easy, everyonewould have websites that loaded in under 2 seconds . The fact is very fewwebsites load Fully load in under 2 seconds.  

My SEO Contractor Says Speed Is Not Important

Of course your SEO company says that. Anyone who doesn't  have the capability to deliver speed would in fact say that speed is not important; however it doesn't matter what your SEO guy thinks of speed and it doesn't matter what you think about website speed.  It only matters what Google says about speed and what Googles algorithm thinks of you site. Anyone who ignores Google, does so at their own peril.  

At DTS, Our Approach Is Different

The first rule, our first rule in creating a web space on our High Performance Web Engine is - who is our audience? Who is our content targeted towards?  Or rather, what is the order of importance in our development process. Is the business owner number 1?  No.  Although the business owner is our client, our job is to provide a next generation High Speed web presence that will last and most importantly get leads for that business owner.

You may say its definitely the web visitor.  No.  Well, yes and no.  The web visitor is probably using a mobile device, they are probably multi-tasking so what does that visitor want?  SPEED!, So in that instance, yes, we are developing for that web visitor. 

At DTS, our main development target is Google's Algorithm.  That is our number one audience and it defines all of our development decisions.  At the end of the day, it all about search results.  Google now requires speed (and code placement etc...) and customers want speed.  Our High Performance Web Engine solves those problems.  Once your business is truly operating on a framework that was designed from ground up to be one thing.  FAST, you will realize that PageSpeed and all that definition encompasses is the new foundation of SEO.  All SEO strategies need to be built on top of speed.   WordPress as a platform and its Scriptkiddies cannot achieve speed.  We call WordPress typists scriptkiddies.  They are not developers. Wordpress as a platform, by its very nature, can never be fast. 


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