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Search Engine Ranking

Many SEO’s will tell you that search engine optimization of your site is an art. It’s not. It’s a science.

Consider Google. Google uses absolute algorithms, that only they understand fully, that decide where your site will appear in the results of a particular search.

Google cares about only one thing: Getting the user to the most relevant content as quickly as possible. Remember that.

While we don’t know the exact way their algorithm works, we do know quite a few things that are important to that algorithm. This is because Google is relatively forthcoming with information about what will help develop an effective site.

The first is that content is king. The average user is searching for a site that fills a need, answers a question, supplies information, etc. Google simply wants to get them to the most relevant content as quickly as possible. Period. That means that they first consider the content of your site. Does it provide the content that the user is looking for?

That means that a reasonable amount of content on each page (1,000 – 2,000 words is the sweet spot) is necessary. Does that mean you can just load up each page with lots of content? No. First, you cannot duplicate content. Google frowns upon that and they will lower your ranking for that. Second, the content on each page needs to be limited to a particular topic. They do not want a single page that provides information about several different topics.

But you can have a content-rich site that loads slowly and it will be ranked low. Why? I will say it again: Google wants to get the user to the most relevant content as quickly as possible. You may have the most relevant content, but the user cannot get there quickly. Therefore your site does not meet their needs. Add to that the fact that recent studies have found that 53% of users abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Think about that. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load you are losing more than half of your users before they even see your site. Your potential customer is driving through the desert to your store, but they turn around and go home halfway there because it is taking too long to get there. They never even see your beautiful store and great products and wonderful staff. And no matter how good your SEO is, you cannot SEO your way out of a slow site.

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