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Get More Google Reviews

Get More Google Reviews

Google is the undisputed leader in Internet searches.

Many companies have long promised their customers that they can get their business on the first page of search results.

Let’s think about that a minute.

There are 10 search results returned on each page. Is that company only targeting 10 businesses in each industry?

The fact is that this sort of guarantee simply cannot be made. Google is constantly tweaking their algorithms so the best that can be done is to increase the odds that your business appears as high in the results as possible.

How is that done?

We’re not going to share specifics here, but let’s consider Google’s primary goal:

Google’s primary “customer” is the user using their search engine.

Google’s primary goal is to get their customer to the most relevant content as quickly as possible.

Let’s consider that.

“Most relevant content”. That means that the content on the page must be relevant to the customer’s search. Not only must it be relevant, but it must be more relevant than other pages. This is achieved by offering as much quality content as possible coupled, preferably, with other sites considering your page to be an authority on the subject.

“As quickly as possible”. That means, first, that the content must be relevant. But then Google also considers how quickly the page will load. Research shows that 53% of users will give up on a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. If Google thinks that users are just going to “bounce” from your page before it even loads, then your page does not meet their needs and will be listed lower in the search results. In fact Google wants pages to load in under 2 seconds. Google also uses their PageSpeed algorithm to determine the likelihood that a page will not only load quickly, but also display in a manner that is correct and easy to user by its customers. If your site scores lower than 80 in PageSpeed then Google will list it lower in the search results. And, beginning this year, Google is using the Mobile PageSpeed score as its primary parameter since more searches are being performed on mobile devices than on any others.

This is the simple explanation. Of course much more goes into proper search engine optimization (SEO), but we aren’t going to share all of our secrets.

However, for our Template Web Site, we guarantee load times in under 2 seconds and PageSpeed scores of at least 90. We also help with quality content and other SEO measures.

Google Reviews

Google's business listings also include reviews similar to Yelp. These are important because they will be listed with your business listing in search results.

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