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Websites are the foundation and core connection to ALL Digital Marketing

Digital Transformation Systems provides Digital Marketing services to clients all over the world. Our approach is a lot different and it starts with the core. Your website presence. Your website presence is the core foundation for any digital advertising and lead generation that you do. A website's purpose is to provide information relevant to a user search and generate your business leads. It's not an "Online Business Card". It doesn't matter what CRM system your hooked into, what review management service or accounting, or anything else. If your site has fundamental architecture problems, it will not generate leads, and then what good is all of the other 5 services you're using with 5 different clunky interface and 5 different logins?

Search Engine Optimization

Nice buzzword. What does it mean? To most, optimization is an ongoing process usually requiring a monthly type of service and never seeming to have an ROI that quite matches up to your expectations or more times than not, it doesn't match the rosy picture that was painted by your SEO "expert". Month after month nothing changes and you are told, "it can take a few months".
DTS has a different approach to SEO. The main digital roadblock is, in fact, your website. Your website speed is the equivalent of a turtle, probably even slower, a tortoise. Your website code layout is not built for speed.

Google loves and requires speed.

A website fully loaded time over 2 seconds is no good!

Google wants the site to be "Fully Interactive" in under 2 seconds, they would really love it to be under 1 second. Why? Thank mobile device adoption for that. Our society is not patient and users, our customers demand speed. It's all about speed. Look at the success of Amazon. It's not just their huge site that is very fast, but also delivery one 2 days, sometimes 1. Prime Now has a 2-hour delivery. Delivery to your garage. It's all about speed and convenience. Put another way. Slow with everything in life, from traffic to snail mail to getting stuck behind grandma on the escalator is all perceived as an inconvenience and we don't like. Web users are no different. When a potential client comes to your site, will their experience be convenient or inconvenient? Are they walking behind granny? Well, Google says under 2 seconds, and not only is it convenient for your customers but more importantly, Google's algorithm loves you instead of hates you. What if I told you one of our clients generated over a million dollars in sales from Google organic search and did not pay a penny in PPC? You would say IMPOSSIBLE!
We say Au contraire mon frère. First, how do we know? How do we know what's Google vs. Yelp vs. Bing? Well, we have built-in tracking, built into our core platform code. We know where customers come from and you can too.
Speed and more important Google's analyzing and caching of your page speed using Lighthouse affects where you place on the internet search. If a DTS client who scores a 93 on mobile and a 100 on desktop go up against a competitor that scores a 15 on mobile and 42 on desktop, the DTS site will rank higher on an organic search than the other site. Google Developers states: "Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages. You can run it against any web page, public, or requiring authentication. It has audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, SEO, and more". Now, what Google really does is when they are running around indexing sites, including yours, they are running the sites through the lighthouse and caching the results, appending their algorithm, so now on a search result, they know if a site scores 96 on mobile or a 5. Guess where the score of 5 gets you placed? So we can see how Speed, more importantly, Google Pagespeed scores and LIghthouse are the core for search engine marketing,.
Web Design and Development
We are also different in that, while you are a client or potential client and you want a great website, we will tell you that we don't care what you want. Oh my, how could we put off a potential client like that? Well simple. Our job is to give you a digital environment that is simple to use, lets you see progress and saves you money, and generates business. So, what you want in a site, what your potential clients want, doesn't matter. It only matters what Google's algorithm wants. It's just that simple. You would have to ask if Google says they want "X", or you must do "Y" who in their right mind would argue? Who would think that if Google says under 2 seconds that having a 4 or 5 or a 27-second website is ok? Our audience is Google's Algorithm. Period. Speed and content are both number 1. Design, layout, graphics, and code are all designed for speed.
Social Media
Website Host
Hosting is a key component of digital marketing. If your hosting your website at slowdaddy and it's on a shared server that's serving up porn videos or sending out a billion emails per hour, well your site will take a performance hit and ruin the experience of your precious potential clients. You have to control your hosting environment. You not only need a fast website, but that server needs to be hooked up to very fast and very large data pipes.

Pay Per Click Management
This is an easy one. Say your digital spend is $1000 a month on PPC ads. Your guy is charging $500 a month to "Manage" or your brilliant and you do it yourself. OK. For the purpose of this example, we will say, cause we pretty much know your site does not load in under 2 seconds. So Google hates you. We will also say, and we will be nice, that your site loads in 3 seconds (which, of course, it probably doesn't) but we'll be nice. We know that 53% of users bounce at 3 seconds. So this means that $530 dollars of your $1000 are down the toilet. Google charges "per click", not "per when your website finally loads and a user can Finally see it". So Google wants under 2 seconds, half of the users bounce at 3 seconds. This puts most sites and businesses in a pincer movement. Pressure from both sides of the equation. Small businesses don't have enough money to compensate for a slow website. Now, let's say your person who is managing this, probably the same person that did your site. Could even be a family member. Why is it every family has a resident "Web Expert". Sorry, but they are not. So your "expert" charges $500, you threw $530 down the toilet because users aren't waiting for your site. Your digital marketing spend is $1030 before anyone sees your site even load a screen. This leaves you with only $470 left that can actually be deployed to get a lead from an interested customer. With the DTS platform, you do not have to worry about users bouncing before your site loads, you can do PPC if you WANT too, and you certainly don't need the "Expert" taking money and not delivering any results. PPC on slow sites is sort of an ignorant developer welfare program.
Content Writing
Web site content is an ongoing process. New pages should always be added and this is just part of your budget. We actually require it. A site that hasn't had a refresh or no new content isn't going to rank well. You want as many hooks in the water as possible. Your website is the fishing boat, your pages are hooks. Google doesn't index websites as a whole. Each web page is a separate entity in Google's index. So will 5 hooks (pages) catch more fish than 50 or 100 hooks (pages)? Exactly. More pages equal more impressions and that equals more leads. So page creation and updates are part of the ongoing digital marketing strategy. Again, part of the core, which is your website.
Review Management
Reviews are so important these days. Our platform automates the process, to its very easy as long as you do great work and have great customer service. A review strategy is part of your digital marketing strategy in that reviews actually generate revenue. Reviews can also get you citations from Google that give a little buff with organic search rank. So we are not fans of reviews that are listed or housed or posted on a client website. Slows it down and let's face it, reviews on Google, Yelp, and a few others are really the only reviews that matter as they have been verified. Our platform automates the review process, using a client site, but it's also fast and convenient. So again, website speed plays a role in getting clients to write reviews and simplicity makes it easy to post the reviews. Speed and simplicity, an unbeatable combination in the Digital Age.
Email Marketing
Email marketing to advertise to your existing client base is important. But driving clients to via email to your site, well, again, your site needs to be fast. If you drive a client to a slow site, you will not get the result you are looking for because the user will not wait. Again, the fast website is the core. The fast website is the foundation of your business. Speed!! Why keep drudging along with a slow site? When the site is fast and you know Google's algorithm is an ally, you can focus and tweak other areas of your business or pricing, and you will get the results because your slow website won't be literally standing in the way of your success.
Your entire business operates around your website, which of course, needs to meet certain speed requirements, not only for Google, but your customers need to have a great user experience. A better user experience than that of your competitors. We can offer that and so much more with our integrated Digital Marketing Platform.


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