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Does Angie's list provide value beyond leads?

Angie's List Reports

Angie's can be considered one of the original review sites but with a different business model, users had to register and pay a small monthly fee to view reports on businesses.  Report access was not free.  Angie's List changed the paywall to a freewall a couple of years ago.  Angie's List was recently bought by HomeAdvisor and HomeAdvisor seems to have kept most of Angie's List's original business model in tact. 

Does Angie's List provide value beyond lead generation?

Angie's List is great for many businesses.  You can get lots of leads and rack up lots of reports, but does it have any value outside of the Angie's List ecosystem? The answer is NO, it does not have any value to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM).  Angie's List individual business listings with the associated reports cannot be indexed by search engines because they are reside behind the freewall.  As mentioned, Angie's List got rid of the small monthly fee registered users had to pay to view reports, but those reports are still behind a "wall", they reside behind a user name and password providing no SEO or SEM Value. 

What About HomeAdvisor? Does HomeAdvisor provide additional value?

Again, HomeAdvisor is great for lead generation, but HomeAdvisor has some issues.  When we see a carpet cleaner, with no website who started on HomeAdvisor 3 years ago and has 750 5-Star reviews, Sorry were calling shenanigans.  Its just simply not possible for a business without a web presence and is relying solely on HomeAdvisor to get that many reviews.  Statistically, its not possible.  To have that many reviews, a business would have to complete X Jobs with a review rate of X percent.  Its not possible to have a review conversion rate that high.  

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