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Our primary goal is to help you run your business more effectively. Certainly we want to help you get more customers, and we can do that, but it doesn’t completely help you if you are inundated with customers, but have trouble keeping up because your internal processes are not as efficient as they could be.

That’s where the back-end portion of our platform comes in.

Using this module, rather than just getting emails with customer appointment/service requests, you will have a complete interface where you can not only view these, you will be able to edit them and interact with them.

  1. Customer submits the request via the web site
  2. You receive an email notification and the appointment request is stored in the database so you can view it in the Appointments Admin
  3. You select the appointment in the Appointments Admin
  4. Click Contacts to add the customer to your Google Contacts (optional)
  5. If the customer’s requested date and time is good then click Calendar to add them to your Google Calendar (optional)
  6. If the customer’s requested date and time is not good then call them or shoot them an email and click Responded to change their status to Responded
  7. Click Scheduled to change their status to Scheduled
  8. The customer is sent a reminder email and/or text message the day before their scheduled appointment
  9. After the job is completed, click Completed to change their status to Completed. This also sends them to the Review Request Queue (if you are using the Review Management Module) unless you turn off Send Review before clicking Completed
  10. When payment is received, click Payment to indicate that payment has been received

It’s that simple. An appointment is made easily by the customer (or it can be made via phone and their information manually entered into the Appointments Admin interface), added to the schedule, the work completed and then added to the Review Request Queue which will automatically start asking them, via a selection of emails, to leave a review.

Flagged Customers

Also part of this module is the ability to flag customers. We all have customers that are problems. It’s inevitable. Unfortunately we may not automatically remember who they are. Or they might move, etc.

Flagging a customer via the Appointments Admin interface adds them to a special list that holds their full name, email address, complete address and phone number.

Consider the problem customer who decides to use their girlfriend or boyfriend’s name or a different email address or a different phone number. These things could throw off most systems. Not ours. It will evaluate any one of these things. If either the name or email address or address or phone number matches a previously flagged customer then it will show up in red in the Appointments list. The interface will show you which item(s) matched the flag.

So, in the case of a problem customer who has moved, but the new people at the address request an appointment, it will only show you that the address matches. Then you can look up the flagged customer and evaluate if this is now a new customer and you can remove the address from being flagged in the future.

Basically it simply allows you to maintain a list of problem customers and alert you to be wary when an appointment is made that matches one, or more, of the criteria and to take a couple extra steps when deciding to book the appointment.

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