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About Digital Transformation Systems

Digital Transformation Systems is dedicated to helping business owners use technology to perform most of their everyday tasks as well as teaching them about the pitfalls of choosing web "developers" who make great promises, but don't really give all of the information needed to make the correct decisions.  We put our performance guarantee in writing.  

Our business was born from the necessity of needing to compete with the "Big Guys" in our space and we knew we needed to beat them on the internet.  After meetings with numerous developers and other platform providers and looking at their offerings, we realized that we would need to deal with 3 or 4 different entities.  Got the host over here, developer over there, content writer somewhere else, reviews with yet another company, and lets not forget SEO, with yet potentially someone else.  

So we decided to find and hire a developer that could build us our solution from scratch, to google specifications, after all, what google's algorithm thinks of your site, well its really the only one that matters.  So we created a unified platform that houses all those needed elements of a successful web site and put it all under one roof.  Completely modular in design and built from the ground up to be blazing fast.  The speed generates leads.  

We are the only review management service platform that has a number 1 positioned company on yelp in a major US city with 5 stars and over 170 reviews!!  Everyone else makes promises, but cant come anywhere close to delivering.  Put our platform to work for you, and then site back and watch your revenue and leads increase.    

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